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Indian Space Industry: Making a Dent in the Sky Globally by Disrupting Technology

Showcasing the India’s Ingenuity with Path-breaking Technological Advancements The space industry is perhaps amongst the fastest developing, and one with maximum scope for discovery and new projects. Sunil Kumar Gupta, renowned businessman and author in the field of investments, emphasizes on the need to further develop this sector in Indian society on an increasingly global scale. He talks […]

Defence Manufacturing: Moulding India into Global Hub of Next-Gen Armaments

Transforming India’s Import Dependent Defence Sectorinto Self-reliant Sunil Kumar Gupta, celebrated expert in the fields commerce, investment development and project implementation, emphasises on the need to develop R&D facilities in India, as means of becoming a future global armaments hub. He envisions a more self-reliant and efficient nation in terms of defence, which could potentially […]

Construction Industry: Realizing Dream of a Developed India

Investing in India’s Present to Provide Better & Sustainable Future The available job opportunities in the construction business are ever increasing in the cities of India.  Migration of the rural population in search for better work experience has led to major population explosion in urban areas in the 21st century, and is expected to reach […]

Biotechnology: Promising a Better & Sustainable Future for India

Empowering & Engineering India’s Agriculture and Health Sector with Genetics The Biotechnology Industry in India has shown an exponential growth over the past ten years, raising over 6 times its original amount. Recent positive trends such as the growing demand for healthcare services, increased demand for food and nutrition intensive R&D activities, and strong government initiatives are expected to […]